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Prepare a picture of/book about/a poster of plants, in advance, as well as a picture or a fern plant.

Say: Look at this picture. (Show a picture of plants.) These are plants. Remember, to be classified as a plant, a living  thing should have multiple cells, grow in soil, have  leaves and roots, produce seeds, and produce its own food through photosynthesis.

Plants play the most important part in the cycle of nature. Without plants, there could be no life on Earth. They are the primary producers that sustain all other life forms. And plants produce all of the food that animals, including people, eat. Remember, plants are the only organisms that can convert light energy from the sun into food.

(Show a picture of fern/ or show a real fern plant). Say: Look at this picture/ plant now. It´s a fern. A fern is a member of vascular plants that reproduce via spores and have neither seeds nor flowers. They differ from mosses by being vascular (having water-conducting vessels). They have stems and leaves, like other vascular plants. Ferns have fibrous root that can easily absorb water and all nutrients required for successful growth. Leaves of ferns are called fronds. They are green and have feathery structure. Leaves perform photosynthesis (production of food from the carbon dioxide and water, with a help of sun). Ferns don't reproduce by seed. Instead They reproduce via miniature cells called spores. Spores can be located on the underside of the fronds. Very often, they are clusters of small brown dots that hold the microscopic reproductive structure of the plant.

Ferns live in shady places that provide enough moisture. About 70 percent of ferns are found in tropical regions and the giant tree ferns grow in tropical rainforests attaching themselves to trees and living off organic debris. Temperate climate ferns tend to grow in woodlands where they are protected and shaded by the trees. These plants are among the oldest living organisms on the planet. People believed that the fern had magical properties. Because they couldn't see how it reproduced without seeds or bulbs, they thought ferns could go invisible and spring up at will. So, even Shakespeare wrote about ferns as the ingredient used to give people the power of invisibility.

Plants are essential to the balance of nature. Since green plants, unlike most of other living things, take in carbon dioxide (which we expel), and they expel oxygen, which we then breathe. This recycling of the elements in air is the single most important thing that plants contribute to the ecosystem. We need to take care of plants and treat them with respect because they are living things just like us, people and have an important role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

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