Critical thinking

Mommies and their babies

Prepare several pairs of pictures with mommies and their babies animals. For example: 1 picture of mammy zebra and 1 picture of baby zebra - calf, 1 picture of mommy bear and 1 picture of baby bear cub, 1 picture of mommy dog and 1 picture of baby dog - puppy. Create from them 2 horizontal lines, so that two same animals will be located in different lines. For example: horizontal line #1: mommy dog, zebra calf, bear cub. Horizontal line #2: puppy, mommy zebra, mommy bear. Make sure the line #1 is at least 10 cm apart from the line #2. Tell the baby: look, there are two lines with mommies and their babies. Let us little ones with their moms! This is a big mommy bear. Let’s find a bear cub on the other side. Point to the baby cub with the right index finger. Say: this is a bear cub! Let’s put them together. Repeat the procedure with the rest of the objects.

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