Kitchen time

Say : Now it’s kitchen time! Let’s go to the kitchen and look for some smelly-tasty tall grass ! Let’s walk to the kitchen! Hold the baby gently under his arms and tenderly swing/walk/carry him to the kitchen. Make the walk fun .Sing (The alphabet song…a,b,c,d,e,f,g,… ) while walking with him….say : here we are. This is our kitchen where we can see food and drinks, learn to cook , and eat Yummy food! We can learn nutrition too! Now we are going to open the fridge to find a lemony flavored herb! Reach out and bring some fresh lemongrass leaves . Hold up the fresh leaves and say : lemongrass! Show them to the baby and say “ lemongrass , lemongrass ” . “ Lemongrass” is an important culinary herb, and spice used in cooking. It has a very clean, crisp aroma , with a distinct citrus lemon feel and exotic fragrance.( while talking to the baby, keep passing his hands on the fresh leaves ,put them from one hand to another ,make it accessible and touchable for the baby ) Lemongrass makes wonderful soaps and body cleaners . The sweet fragrance of this herb has been known to reduce stress , uplift your mood , and help with mental clarity and concentration .After a long ,hard day the crisp, citrusy scent of lemongrass can help you fight fatigue and calm rattled nerves. These leaves are green . Look at the color, green, green ! Lemongrass is green ! Lemongrass herb has numerous health benefiting essential oils , minerals and vitamins that are known to have anti-oxidant and disease preventing properties . Lemongrass is effective in treating various types of cancers. It is also known as the “Fever grass” owing to its beneficial effects in lowering fevers .Lemongrass is rich in many invaluable essential vitamins such as” Vitamin-B5” “Vitamin B-6” “Vitamin”B1” .These vitamins are important because your body requires them from external sources to replenish .Take some lemongrass leaves in your hand and touch the baby’s nose and say: nose .Touch the other parts of the face commenting on them: head, forehead, brows, eyes, hands, fingers, chest, tummy, waist, legs, feet . Put the baby in the seat . Approach the leaves next to his nose and say , smell them now ,Mmm! Lemongrass smells lemony ! Touch the baby’s face . Say : It’s prickly.! Put the baby in the seat . Put some leaves in a bowl . Take the baby’s hand in your hand and help him touch and mix them say : prickly ! prickly ! Guide him by playing and mixing these leaves together. Let him do it by himself until he gets tired or not interested . Provide the rest time.

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