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Prepare a picture of/book about/a toy chick in advance, , as well as a sample of soft feathers

Say: Look at this animal. (Show a picture of a chick.) This is a bird. Remember, to be classified as a bird an animal should have a beak or bill, should have 4 toes on each foot, meaning to be zygodactyl. The bodies of birds are covered with feathers. All birds have two wings and a tail.

Remember, all animals move! Wings help birds fly and soar. Let’s flip hands like a bird! Let’s soar! Look (Point to the chick) this baby bird is called chick! A chick is a bird that has not yet reached adulthood. The baby chick's life cycle starts when its mother hen lays an egg. (Listen to this sweet story, baby!) Mother hen builds its nest out of twigs and grass to lay its eggs. The nest keeps the eggs and chicks protected from other animals who might want to eat them.(Point to the egg) Say: The egg has a big yellow yolk that contains all the food the chick needs while it grows inside the egg. The yolk floats in the egg white, which protects it and contains water for the chick. For about 21 days the hen sits on her eggs and covers them with her feathers to keep them warm. Several times a day she turns the eggs with her beak. She does this to keep the yolk from sinking down and crushing the chick against the shell.

When it is time for the chick to hatch, it pecks holes in the shell with a bump on its beak called an egg tooth. A few days after the chick has hatched, the egg tooth falls off because the chick doesn't need it any more. The chick has to take lots of breaks to rest, and when it finally gets out of the shell it doesn't get up and move right away ¨it's too tired!¨ Its feathers are wet and stringy, but they soon dry and become fluffy. Naturally, The chicks explore their new world and the hen calls and scolds them or especially when the chicks poke out their heads from multiple locations about the hen's body. Chicks grow up fast. Young girls are called pullets and young boys are called cockerels.

(Approached the sample of soft feathers next to the baby, let him touch and feel their softness) Say: Chicks are normally fully feathered. Their first adult wings' feathers take another four weeks to grow. When the chicks are twelve weeks old, the mother chases them out of the group. They then go on to form their own group or join another. At five months old, the chicks reach sexual maturity. Pretty soon they will be grown-up hens and roosters and start having their own babies! Did you like the Chick´s story, sweetheart?)

We need to take care of chicks and treat them with respect because they are living things just like us, people.


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