Kitchen time

Say: Now it’s kitchen time! Let’s go to the kitchen and look for some smelly- tasty herbs! Let’s walk to the kitchen! Hold the baby gently under his arms and tenderly swing/walk/carry him to the kitchen. Make the walk fun. Sing (The wheels on the car go round and round) while walking with him. Say: here we are. This is our kitchen where we can see food and drinks, learn to cook, and eat Yummy food! We can learn nutrition too! Now we are going to open the fridge to find a leafy green herb! Reach out and bring some cilantro stems. Hold up the stems and say: cilantro! Show it to the baby and say “cilantro, cilantro” It’s cilantro! Cilantro is a leafy green herb with a pungent, herbaceous flavor and distinct fragrance .It has dark green, hairless, soft leaves that vary in shape. Point to the parts of the plant during explanation. Notice that the baby follows your finger’s movements) . Cilantro is considered both an herb and a spice since both its leaves and seeds are used as a seasoning condiment! Cilantro is green, green. Look at the color, green, green! Cilantro is green! This herb is a good source of minerals like “Potassium” that helps control heart rate and blood pressure. Iron that is essential for red blood cell production. Manganese that is a co- factor for the antioxidant enzyme. Cilantro is one of the richest herbal sources for “Vitamin K “. Vitamin K has a potential role in bone mass building. The deep green leaves of Cilantro possess good amounts of antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber, which help reduce “bad cholesterol LDL. It is also rich in many vital vitamins including” Vitamin A” , beta carotene ,” Vitamin C” , which are essential for optimum health . . Take some cilantro stems in your hand and touch the baby’s nose and say: nose .Touch the other parts of the face commenting on them: head, forehead, brows, eyes, hands, fingers, chest, tummy, waist, legs, feet. Put the baby in the seat. Approach the stems next to his nose and say, smell it now, Mmm! Cilantro smells fresh! Touch the baby’s face. Say: It’s silky and soft. Put the baby in the seat . Put some dill stems in a bowl. Take the baby’s hand in your hand and help him touch and mix them say: silky.. Silky! Cilantro is silky! Guide him by playing and mixing these leaves together. Let him do it by himself until he gets tired or not interested. Provide the rest time.

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