Introducing sound /qw/
Prepare the picture cards “queen/quilt” and the alphabet card “q” and sit with the baby on the mat .Hold up the” alphabet card” ,point to the letter and say “qw,,qw..qw..queen”. “ qw..qw..qw..quilt” . Tap the card several times and say /qw/. Put the card on the mat and hold the baby’s finger in order to trace the letter with him. (you will notice that he waits anxiously for this activity) .Now hold up the picture cards ”queen ” and “quilt” pronounce the words emphasizing on the first sound “ qw..qw..qw..queen“. “qw..qw..qw..quilt” . Put the cards on the mat in front of the baby and point to the” queen ” and to the letter “q” at the beginning of the word..Say:” qw..qw..qw..queen“. “queen “ starts with /qw/ . Point to the “quilt” and to the letter “q” at the beginning of the word .. Say : “qw..qw..qw..queen“ . “queen” starts with /qw/ .Do you know that there are many words that start with qw..qw.. !“ .Listen to these words :

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