Critical thinking

Wide versus narrow

Place 2 objects in front of the baby: narrow and wide. For example: 2 narrow and wide boxes. Talk about each object: name it, explain its purpose, and describe the opposite attribute. For example: point to the first narrow box. Say: this is a box; people use it to store things. Look at its width: it is narrow! Show the narrow part of the box. Then point to another wide box. Say; this is a box, too. People may use it for keeping things in and storing them, too. Observe the width: it is wide! Wide! Wide and narrow are the opposites. Take the wide box in the right hand and the narrow one in the left. Stretch hands to the sides. Say: wide box. Move the right hand a little bit higher than the left. Then lower it back. Say: narrow. Move the left hand a little bit higher than the right. Then lower it back.

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