Physical science

exploring waterproof characteristic - aluminium foil, textile, paper tissue, plastic toy

waterproof and absorbent: Let’s explore if this (object) is waterproof and absorbent.A material is waterproof when it repels liquids. What do you think about (object). Is it waterproof? Make a suggestion. Now let's make an experiment to prove our assumption. Take a large pot. Put a jar/cup into it. Put the leaf on top of the jar/cup so it will cover the opening like a lead. Say: let’s observe. Poor water on the (object). Say: (object) is waterproof; no water can go through our leaf into the jar/cup. (or not waterproof, i can see water in the cup). What is absorbancy then? It is ability of any material to soak up the water, right? What do you see happened to the (object)? Do you think it soaked the water up? Make an assumption. Say" let's check it out! Let’s squeeze our (object) now to see if any water got into it. Squeeze it. Say: see, there is no water coming out of it. (object) is not absorbent (or there is some water coming out! it mean that the (object) is absorbent)!

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