Math: algebra


Prepare in advance 8 cubes. Make 2 groups of cubes. One group should consist of 3 green cubes. Another group should consist of 5 green cubes. The cubes in the groups should be scattered in a random order, not put in a straight line or row. The two groups should be located away from each other to make them distinctive groups but not too far from each other so that the baby can see two groups in one location. Smile and say: Look Baby! I see two distinctive groups of cubes! Point to the first and then the second group. Say I wonder how many cubes we have all together? Place your hand over the two groups, make a round in the air above them showing togetherness. Place your hand over the first group. Say: This is called summand. Let’s count the cubes in the first group. 1, 2, 3. Say: There are 3 cubes in this group (show 3 fingers). Place your hand over the second group. Say; This is called summand too. Now let’s count the cubes in the second group: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Say: There are five cubes in this group (show 5 fingers). Say: let’s sum them up (put your 2 hands together as if you were clapping). Say: we are going to count all the cubes together. Start counting by pointing first to the first group, then switch to the second (from left to right): 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8. There are 8 (show 8 fingers) cubes all together! This is called the sum! Let us make summation by making rows. Make the first row of 3 cubes, count them aloud. Make the second row of 5 cubes and place it below the first one. Then take the second row and place it next to the first one. Count all the cubes together and show 8 fingers. Say: now we will sum 3 and 5 in the tower. Make again 2 groups of cubes: 3 and 5 cubes in each. Build the first tower of 3 counting them aloud. Build the second one of 5 counting them aloud. Say: now we will sum the 2 towers up. We will put two of them together. Place the 5 cubes over the 3 and count them aloud. Show 8 fingers and say: 3+5=8.

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