Physical science

Playdough, feather - plasticity concept

elastisity and plasticity: we know that elasticity is ability of the object to retain its size and shape after removing the force that is applied. If the object does not deform, it is considered very elastic. Let us see if the (object) is elastic. We will make an experiment. We will bend the (object) and see if it will deform. What do you think will happen to the (object)? I think it will break/not break. Now let's conduct an experiment. Take the (object) and squeeze it in your right hand. Place the object int he baby's hand and let the baby squeeze it too. Help if needed. Observe the (object). Say: I see the (object) got deformed, it got torn etc/did not change its shape. Hence we can conclude that the (object) is not elastic/is elastic. Plasticity can be tested in the same way. If after bending the object retains the new form without rupturing or breaking, it means it is very plastic. Our object is not OR is plastic, because it broke/did not break.

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