Math: algebra

Lemon cut in 6

Take 2 lemons of similar size and shape and a baby plastic spoon. Choose the thickest lemons for this activity. Cut one lemon into 6 equal parts either lengthwise and make them look the same (or almost the same). Say we cut the lemon into six equal parts. Each part is the same as the other ones. Take 1 cut piece. Say this is one sixth of the lemon. Let’s put it right here. Put one sixth of the lemon in front of the baby. Say: let’s pretend that this spoon is out imaginary line. We will put it under the sixth of the vegetable. Put the spoon below the piece of the lemon. Take another lemon and also cut into six equal pieces. Say now this is the whole lemon made of six pieces. If we put the six pieces together, they will be one whole lemon. We will put this cut into six pieces lemon beneath the imaginary line – our spoon. Put all the six pieces of the second lemon under the spoon. Point to the one sixth of the lemon and say: one (point to the 6 pieces below) sixth of the lemon! Point several times to the one sixth and the six pieces below and name them. Take another sixth piece. Say I will put it next to the first one sixth. Take it and put it above the spoon and next to the first cut piece. Say: now we have got two sixths of the lemon up here! Point to the pieces and start counting: one, two. Point to the 2 pieces and say 2! Point to the six pieces below the spoon and say sixth! 2/6th!

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