Math: algebra


Prepare in advance 8 green cubes and a favorite toy animal of your baby.
Put 4 in one group in front of the baby. Put another 4 behind you so that the baby can’t see them. Say: let’s talk about subtraction. Look, we have some cubes. Let’s count them. Start counting by pointing to each cube: 1,2,3,4. Show 4 fingers and say: four! There are four cubes. Here comes (toy) and takes away 3. Count 3 by pointing to each of them cubes and put them away in a separate group. Say: let us see how many we still have left with the baby. Count the cubes that are left by pointing to each of them: 1. Show 1 fingers and say: there is 1 cube left with the baby. Let’s make an equation. Take out 4 cubes you were hiding. Put them on the left. Count them by pointing to each cube: 1,2,3,4. Show 4 fingers and say We had 4 cubes. Here came a (toy) and took away 3 cubes. Put the “-“sign after 4 cubes & put another 3 cubes after then “-“ sign and show 3 fingers. Put the sign “=” and say: there is 1cube left with the baby. Put another 1 cube, count and show 1 finger. Say: 4-3=1. Point to 4 cubes and say: they are called minuend. Point to the three cubes and say they are called subtrahend. Point to the 1 cube and say: it is called difference.

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