Use a tool that’s suggested for Sensorial activity during geometric /physical science or any tool of your choice

Begin the gymnastics and massage. Start with very soft strokes. Continue them for 7 minutes. Talk to the baby and smile to her while doing massage. Say: this is your body. These are your legs. Let’s touch the legs. Let’s do the massage on your head. Describe each activity you do, each stroke.

Example for applying the geometrical shape, change the shape according to the current daily acties: Take the circle shape (a ring from pyramid or a wooden circle will be just fine) and show it to the baby. Say: this is a circle. It is round. Round. Let’s put it into your right hand. Put the circle in the baby’s right hand and let her feel it. Say: let’s place it into your left hand now. Switch it to another hand and let her feel it. Take the circle and put it on the baby’s back on the upper left side on its face (the round part). Gently slide it down the back. Say: this movement is called translation. Translation. We slide the circle from up to down. Do it all over the back. Now place the circle up on the left side from the spinal cord. Flip it over the spinal cord to the right. Say: This movement is called reflection. Reflection. I flip the circle from left to right, from left to right. Do it starting from upper part of the back going gently down to the lower part. Place the circle on the top of the back in the center (on the spinal cord). Tilt it around its axis. Say: I am turning the circle. This movement is called rotation. Rotation. Repeat the action until you reach the bottom of the spinal cord.

Say: I will slide the circle over your hands. Take the circle and slide it first on the right hand from the shoulder to the hand. Say: I translate the circle from your shoulder, to your arm through your elbow to your hand right to your fingers. Repeat with the left hand. Say: I will roll the circle over your legs. Take the circle and roll it down on its edge first on the right leg from the thigh to the foot. Say: I’m rolling the circle from your thigh through your knee to your calf to your foot right through the heel down to your tiptoes. Repeat with the left leg.

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