Kitchen time

Say: Now it’s kitchen time! Let’s go to the kitchen and look for some smelly- tasty vegetables! Let’s walk to the kitchen! Make the walk fun .Sing (I like to eat, eat, eat apples and bananas) while walking with him….say: here we are. This is our kitchen where we can see food and drinks, learn to cook, and eat Yummy food! We can learn nutrition too! Now let’s see what kind of vegetables we will find in our fridge! Reach out and bring a cabbage! Put the baby in the seat and approach the seat next to the kitchen table. Hold up the vegetable and say:” Cabbage”. Show it to the baby and say: “Cabbage!” Put the cabbage in front of the baby to have a closer look at it, also to feel its texture between his hands! say: “ Did you know that the inexpensive, humble and widely used cabbage can practically work miracles? Cabbage is a leafy vegetable of” Brassica” family, and is round or oval in shape. It consists of soft, light green or whitish inner leaves covered with harder and dark green outer leaves. Cabbage comes in many varieties, including green, purple, and white! The brightly colored purple cabbage is not only beautiful, but contains anthocyanins, which have been proven to have anti-carcinogenic properties!! Meaning.. it helps your body fight off cancer! If you want beautiful glowing skin, and an immune system powerful enough to fight off just about anything, don’t forget this highly nutritious but common vegetable! Sit next to the baby; Point to the leaves and say: “White!”Look at the color! Cabbage leaves are white. It is a white cabbage”! (Move your hand on the leaves to attract the baby’s attention to the color). Let’s get started, Take one of the leaves, put it in front of the baby and say: Here you are! Experience the crinkly texture of this leaf! The baby will take it with both hands stare at it, pass it from one hand to another, turn it upside down, and finally put it in his mouth and start licking or sucking it. Say: Hey! What did you use to feel the crinkly texture of cabbage? Sure, you used your hands to feel the texture. Now, take a bite of the leaf, chew it and say:  cabbage has a slight bitter/sweet flavor, with crunchy consistency!! Give it back to the baby and let him take a little bite of the leaf, Ask: Did you like it, sweetie? Do you find it bitter or sweet? I think you agree with me it is crunchy with slight bitter/sweet taste! Point to the baby’s mouth and ask: What organ did you use to taste the cabbage? Yes!! You used your tongue to taste! Say: Well done, Champ! You have done good work today…and now it’s time to play, Hooray!!!

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