Kitchen time

Say : Now it’s kitchen time! Let’s go to the kitchen and look for some smelly-tasty spice! Let’s walk to the kitchen! Make the walk fun .Sing (This is the way I wash my hands) while walking with him ask: hey! Baby, do you smell the sweet fragrance that comes from the kitchen? I tied cinnamon sticks around the candle in the kitchen. The heated cinnamon makes the house smell amazing. I can't wait to show it to you! say: here we are. This is our kitchen where we can see the candle surrounded by cinnamon stick, spreading a sweet fragrance around here. . These sticks are our objective today. Point to the sticks and say: Look at these sticks. Today we are going to talk about them and explore their smell and touch! Now let’s open the spice cupboard and get some cinnamon sticks. Put the baby in the seat and approach the seat next to the kitchen table. Hold up the sticks and say:”cinnamon sticks” Show them to the baby and say: Cinnamon sticks are made from long pieces of bark that are rolled, pressed, and dried. They have a sweet, woody fragrance. The fragrant, sweet and warm taste of cinnamon is a perfect spice to use during the winter months. Let’s get started, Take one of the sticks sniff it and say: Mmm, It smells sweet! Approach it to the baby’s nose and say: Smell it, sweetie! Do you agree with me? Yes, sure..Cinnamon has a sweet, woody fragrance! Ask the baby: What did you use to smell, Champ? (Point to baby’s nose)Absolutely true! You used your nose to smell as I did. Smell is the sense that enables one to perceive odors; it depends on the stimulation of sense organs in the nose by small particles carried in inhaled air. It is important also for the enjoyment of food, since flavor is a blend of taste and smell. Put the cinnamon stick in front of the baby and say: Here you are! Experience the stiff texture of this stick! The baby will take it with both hands and stare at it, pass it from one hand to another, turn it upside down, and finally put it in his mouth and start sucking it. Say: Hey! What did you use to feel the stiff texture of cinnamon stick? Sure, you used your hands to feel the texture. That’s great, Champ!! Say: What a day! You had fun smelling and touching even tasting cinnamon stick. You deserve some rest now! Oops!!!

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