Kitchen time

Say: Now it’s kitchen time! Let’s go to the kitchen and look for some smelly-tasty fruit! Let’s walk to the kitchen! Make the walk fun .Sing (I love you, you love me,) while walking with him….say: here we are. This is our kitchen where we can see food and drinks, make sensory activities and eat Yummy food! We can learn nutrition too! Now let’s see what kind of fruit we will explore today! Take a pear from the fruit bowl! Hold up the pear and say:”pear!” Show it to the baby and say:” Pear!” The light color flesh of pears is juicy, sweet and usually mild. Its texture is soft and buttery and some varieties have grainy flesh. Pear has a core in the center which encloses the seeds. We usually think of pear as bell-shaped, but some varieties are shaped almost like a rounded apple. (While talking to the baby, hand him the fruit, let him discover its shape, smell, and feel the texture of its skin!) Put the baby in the seat and approach the seat next to the kitchen table. Say: “Today we will do a sensorial activity that depends on our senses to discover the taste and texture of the fruit!” peel the pear and cut it into small pieces, (don’t forget to remove the seeds found in the center of pear) then put them in a bowl. Take a tiny slice fruit piece and give it to the baby, say: taste it baby and discover the juicy and sweet flesh of pear.Before he puts it in his mouth, the baby will pass it from one hand to another; he may even squish it before eating it. Say: Did you enjoy the crunchy and ultra-sweet flavor of pear? What did you use to taste? Yes! You used your tongue (Point to the baby’s tongue) to taste, and thanks to the taste buds that are found on your tongue and allow you to experience tastes. Approach the bowl; place it in front of the baby and say: Here you are! Experience the soft texture of the fruit! The baby will put both hands in the bowl and start squishing the slices, mixing them, pushing them around, splashing, licking, and finally tasting!! Say: Hey! What did you use to feel the creamy texture of pear? Sure, you used your hands to feel the texture. That’s great, Champ!! Say: What a day! You had fun tasting and touching pear. If you have enjoyed this activity, baby, we will try a new taste and new texture tomorrow! Oops!!!

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