Kitchen time

Say: Now it’s kitchen time! Let’s go to the kitchen and look for some smelly- tasty herbs! Let’s walk to the kitchen! Hold the baby gently under his arms and tenderly swing/walk/carry him to the kitchen. Make the walk fun. Sing (We come down from the mountain on a horse) while walking with him….say: here we are. This is our kitchen where we can see food and drinks, learn to cook, and eat Yummy food! We can learn nutrition too! Now we are going to open the fridge to find a culinary herb! Reach out and bring some marjoram stems. Hold up the stems, marjoram. Show it to the baby and say “marjoram! Marjoram!” It’s marjoram. This herb has woody stems and rounded leaves. Marjoram is green. Look at the color, green, green, it is green. An infusion made from these leaves will relieve nervous headache, enhance the digestive system, curing and preventing basic intestinal infections. Like most of the herbs Marjoram has high level of Vitamin “C” that is one of the powerful anti-oxidants. Vitamin “A “that is essential for healthy eye-sight. This herb carries good amount of minerals, specially “iron” that is an important co-factor in the cellular metabolism. As you see that Marjoram helps our body to become strong and powerful. Take some stems in your hand and touch the baby’s nose and say: nose .Touch the other parts of the face commenting on them: head, forehead, brows, eyes, hands, fingers, chest, tummy, waist, legs, feet . Put the baby in the seat. Approach marjoram stems next to his nose and say, smell it now, Mmm! Marjoram smells woodsy and has a strong fragrant! Touch the baby’s face. Say: It’s hairy and smooth! Put the baby in the seat. Put some stems in a ball. Take the baby’s hand in your hand and help him touch and mix them say: smooth.. Smooth! Marjoram is smooth! You will realize that he enjoys playing with these stems. Guide him by playing and mixing these leaves together. Let him do it by himself until he gets tired or not interested. Provide the rest time.

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