Kitchen time

Say: Now it’s kitchen time! Let’s go to the kitchen and make an interesting activity! Let’s walk to the kitchen! Sing (Roses are red, violets are blue).say here we are. This is our kitchen where we will try to find many colored items and match them to the color cards that I have prepared on the table. Put the baby in the seat and approach the seat next to the kitchen table. Say: Here are the color cards! Have a look at them! Give the cards to the baby, and bring: orange bowl, blue spoon, red plate, purple napkin, yellow pan, white lid, brown cup, green glass, black mug, pink jar. Put all these items on the table and sit beside the baby. Hold up the blue card and say: blue! What is blue here? Approach the card to the spoon and say: The spoon is blue! It matches this card. Show the spoon and blue card to the baby and put them on the other side of the table. Now, hold up the green card and say: green, look with me for something green! Approach the card to the glass and say: Aha! The glass is green! It matches this card. Put the card and glass beside the previous color. Hold up the purple card and say: purple! Is there anything purple on the table? Look at the napkin! Approach the card to the napkin and say: Yes! The napkin is purple! It matches this card. Show the napkin and the purple card to the baby and put them beside the previous colors. This time, hold up the yellow card and say: Yellow! Let’s find the yellow item on the table! Approach the card to the pan and say: Yes! The pan is yellow! It matches this card. Show the pan and the yellow card to the baby and put them beside the previous colors. Hide the pink card behind your back and say: “peek a boo”, show it to baby and say: pink! (Baby will love this game and show his happy reaction) look at me matching pink to a pink object here, Approach the card to the jar and say: Correct! The jar is pink. It matches this color!(continue with the same procedures). Say: Hey! What color comes next? Put the white card in front of him. Let him imitate you pointing to it and say: White! Good girl/boy! Let’s find the white object now. Approach the card to the lid and say: The lid is white.( continue with the same procedures).Look at this color now! It’s (whisper with grimace) red! (Then say it loud) red! We still have few objects here, search with me for the red one! Approach the card to the plate and say: The plate is red. (Continue with the same procedures).  Focus baby's attention on your fingers. Walk fingers towards the orange card, hold it up and say: Orange! Approach the card to the cup and ask: Is it orange? No, the cup isn’t orange. Then approach it to the plate, say: Yes! The plate is orange. (Continue with the same procedures).Hold the brown card in your hand and move it slowly, slowly toward the baby say: Brown is coming to you, catch it! Give the card to the baby and move the cup towards him. Help him matching the color with the plate. (Continue with the same procedures)Say: Look what is left!( Put your hands on your cheeks to show baby that you are surprised) Black! It’s the black card with the mug! Yes, the mug is black; it has the same color of the last card. Amazing! We had fun! We did it! We matched the cards to the appropriate objects! Now let’s play….It’s time to play!

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