Math: algebra


Prepare 16 cubes. Put them all in front of the baby. Say: let’s us do some division. We use division when we want to distribute things equally. Let’s count how many cubes are there. Point to each cube while counting: 1,2,3,…16. Say: There are 16 cubes. Show 16 fingers: first show 10 and then 6. Let’s us share them between you and me equally so you have the same amount of cubes like me. We will have to divide them into two rows. Let us do that. I will be putting one cube in the first row, another cube in the second row, then next cube in the first row and another cube in the second row until our cubes finish. Let’s start. Begin making two rows by putting cubes to the first and to the second, first-second. When the cubes finish, say: now there are two rows. Point to the first and the second row, counting. Say: One row belongs to you and another row belongs to me. Move one row closer to the baby and another one closer to you. I wonder how many cubes the baby has! Let’s count them. Start counting baby’s cubes by pointing to them: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8! The baby has 8 cubes! Show 8 fingers. Since our rows are equal, I should have also 8 cubes. Let’s check it out! Start counting your row pointing to each cube: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8. I have 8 cubes too! Show 8 fingers. So 16 divided by 2 equals 8. Let’s make an equation. Vocalize what you are doing. Put 16 cubes on the left, then put “/” sign. Then put 2 cubes. Then put the “=” sign. Then put 8 cubes. Place your hand above 16 cubes and say: they are called dividend. Place your hand over the 2 cubes and say: they are called divisor. Place your hand over 8 cubes and say: they are called quotient. Great job, baby!

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