Morning hygiene

Say: What room is this? It is a bathroom. Bathroom is a place where we take care of our cleanliness. We call it hygiene. Look! This is a toothbrush. Toothbrush. We brush our teeth with this tool. Let’s try to feel it. Take the toothbrush and gently touch baby’s gums inside the mouth, then nose, cheeks, forehead, slowly go down to his shoulders, body, back, legs. Let the baby enjoy feeling the toothbrush. Tell the baby: how do you find it? Is it hard? Yes. It is ticklish? Yes. Is it massaging? Yes. Usually we use toothbrushes for our teeth. We don’t use it alone. We put the toothpaste on the toothbrush. Look at the toothpaste. Here it is. Open the toothpaste. Say: let’s smell it. Let the baby smell it. Say: it smells like mint/bubblegum. It has a very strong refreshing smell. Yes, the toothpaste is used for brushing our teeth. Let’s close the toothpaste and put the toothbrush and the toothpaste on their places. What else can we see here? I see a bar/bottle of soap. The soap is used for hygiene too. We wash our hands with soap. When we arrive home, our hands are dirty and we go to wash them with soap. Look at this. This is a mirror. I can see myself in the mirror. You can too. Look at yourself! Look at the mirror and smile to yourself. Let the baby see your smile and let him see himself too. This is the time to take a shower. Give the baby a shower. Do it gently. Take him out of the bathtub. Open the towel and wrap him around. Say: how does it feel? It feels warm. The towel feels gentle. We use it to remove water droplets from our bodies and make our bodies dry. Lets go and dress up. Take the baby and dress him up. Leave the baby for 5 minutes of a quiet time.

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