Kitchen time

Say : Now it’s kitchen time! Let’s go to the kitchen and look for some smelly-tasty dried flowers ! Let’s walk to the kitchen! Hold the baby gently under his arms and tenderly swing/walk/carry him to the kitchen. Make the walk fun .Sing ( Mary had a little lamb ) while walking with him….say : here we are. This is our kitchen where we can see food and drinks, learn to cook , and eat Yummy food! We can learn nutrition too! Now we are going to open the kitchen cabinet to find a kind of tea! Reach out and bring some dried camomile flowers ”. Hold up the dried flowers and say: Camomile! Camomile! This herb has a satisfying apple like aroma and flavor, its flowers resemble the daisy with white petals and yellow disk floret ,and it’s most often taken as a delicious, mild therapeutic tea.(while talking to the baby, keep passing his hands on the dried flowers, make them accessible and touchable for the baby ) Camomile flowers are yellow! Look at the color yellow! yellow! Camomile is yellow! Camomile makes a pleasant aromatic tea with a fruity flavor. It is called “nighty night” tea or “sleepy tea” for its natural properties which promote restfulness and drowsiness. Camomile in one of the safest medical herbs that is used to calm frayed nerves, help in soothing various stomach problems, and reduce muscle spasm! Camomile may help to promote general relaxation and relieve stress! Also camomile mildly sedating and muscle-relaxing effects can help those who suffer from insomnia to fall asleep more easily! Camomile reduces gas formation. It also helps you get rid of heartburn and irritable bowl syndrome. Camomile tea accelerates the healing process of minor wounds and also disinfects the wounds !It is very effective in soothing skin irritation and sunburns. . Take some dry flowers in your hand and touch the baby’s nose and say: nose .Touch the other parts of the face commenting on them: head, forehead, brows, eyes, hands, fingers, chest, tummy, waist, legs, feet . Put the baby in the seat . Approach the flowers next to his nose and say , smell it now ,Mmm! Camomile smells aromatic ! Touch the baby’s face . Say : It’s dry.! Put the baby in the seat . Put some flowers in a bowl . The baby will directly put his hand in the bowl in order to touch and mix the flowers say : dry ! dry ! Here the baby will start to depend on himself in playing and mixing the flowers together ,he may even put a flower in his mouth (keeping an eye on the baby in this stage is very important) . You will realize that he is mixing the flowers nervously so that he listens to the swish of the dry flowers.. Let him do it by himself until he gets tired or not interested . Provide the rest time.

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